Shower Doors

Today there are many shower door options but there are two main common selections in shower doors and that is clear glass and where budgets permit to be extended 3/8” frameless enclosures. In comparison to just ten years ago heavy glass enclosures are the epitome of the finishing touches of the master shower. But getting the right finished product with a frameless shower door is much more than just ordering it and getting it done. Careful measure and ordering of the product is critical to ensure that the smallest out of plumb and level are accurately measured to make sure the glass fits in the opening perfectly and with the least amount of framing.

Custom Shower Doors

We have the  ability to provide you with custom shower doors either frameless or semi frameless

Frameless 3/8”

Frameless 3/8” glass shower doors sold by Shapes are only sold with installation. We premeasure, fabricate and then install your shower door seamlessly within a 7-10 business day turnaround from the point of measure. Our semi frameless enclosures---no frame around the doors but have framing throughout are also fabricated in our shop and we can provide a 7 day lead time on thoise doors and can either be purchased supply only or with installation.

Solid Surface

When it comes to solid surface there isn’t a more widely known name other than Corian. We offer both Corian and LG’s “Hi Mac” solid surface product and many people like the matte finish and durability and retainability of solid surface. This merely means that if the product is chipped or marred that it can easily be cut out repaired and never see any outline of the repair. Another great benefit is the ability to have an integral sink which means that there are no seams or lines where the sink meets the countertop. All solid surface products can be aggressively cleaned to ensure their beauty many years down the road.

Standard Bypass Doors

We provide a stocking of standard size bypass doors from Coastal Industries---their Paragon ¼” and 3/8” bypass doors in both chrome and brushed nickel and in standard 60” tub dimensions and 48 and 60” shower dimensions.


  • We can handle any shower enclosure from simple swing doors to elaborate heavy glass enclosures and have an installation team that has been doing this over 20 years.
  • For custom shower enclosures, affordable pricing and quick turn around times look at Coastal Industries
  • For custom shower enclosures, the widest selection of colors and glass options look at Basco Shower Doors
  • For entirely frameless enclosures only look at CRL