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Shapes Supply Offers the Latest in Coastal Shower Doors State of the Art Style and Engineering Achievements With the Gridscape™ Shower Door Series

William M. Cobb, the founder of Coastal Shower Doors, realized the advantages of, and had the foresight and ingenuity for developing a revolutionary style of shower doors. Why should a shower door serve only a standard functionary purpose when there is also great potential for it enhancing bathroom style and decor? With his realization he developed the series of Gridscape™ shower doors, that add beautiful, aesthetic features to otherwise ordinary shower doors. Shapes Supply is proud that the Gridscape™ Shower Door series is a leader among its selection of Coastal Shower Doors.

Consider Shapes Supply’ Selection of Gridscape™ Multifunctional Tub or Shower Panel Solutions for Your New Bath Construction or Bathroom Renovation

As beautiful as they are practical, Gridscape™shower doors are a leader in the latest interior decor trends. Because of its many innovative features and designs, Coastal Shower Doors won the best new shower door award in 2015 at the national kitchen and bath show in Las Vegas. The Gridscape™ glass shower door series has many desirable attributes, including:

  • Sleek windowpane shower screen features
  • Four Gridscape™ design series from which to choose
  • Clear tempered glass shower door construction
  • Suitability for modern, traditional and transitional style bathrooms
  • Suits many interior design styles
  • All Gridscape™ are custom-made to your specifications
  • Four style options in shower doors:
    • Hinged shower doors
    • Fixed accordion panel doors
    • Sliding glass door shower style
    • Folding partitions
Features that include unlimited design possibilities and dual features of functionality and style are difficult to surpass. And that is just one of the reasons why Coastal Shower Doors series of Gridscape™ Shower Doors are ideal for any home.

With So Many Options in the Gridscape™ Glass Shower Doors Series, There Is Potential for a Uniquely Designed Custom Shower Door in Every Bathroom’s Future

Coastal Shower Doors offer the largest variety of custom glass door shower styles on the market today, and the Gridscape™ series is no exception. Available in full divided light or true divided light, our four Gridscape™ series options offer you unlimited flexibility in your own distinctly customized design choices.

Gridscape™ 1 Series

True Divided-Light Swing Shower Door

This original Coastal Shower Doors groundbreaking design features horizontal and vertical mullions. It affords the option of a transom, and is available in a swing configuration. It truly defines bathroom space. Features include:

  • Variety of customizable handle type options
  • Customizeable in any configuration
  • Mix and match glass styles and textures
  • Serves as a multi-functional shower door and panel solution

Gridscape™ 2 Series

True Divided-Light Screen Shower Doors

Featuring an unobstructed single fixed pane of glass, the full divided-light version has a larger pane of glass than the smaller panes of true divided-light doors.

  • Its one-inch exterior mullions are available in any number of rows
  • One glass sheet on the inside, metal on the outside
  • Treated to withstand outdoor environments
  • Synthesis
    • Harmonious combination design of framed and frameless glass doors
    • Unites functional style with bathroom aesthetics
    • Self-closing, Venetian hinges swing inward and outward
    • 18-inch. or 24-inch. vertical square handle
    • Customizable inline panel options
  • Palisade
    • Lower half is defined by horizontal elements
    • Color accent sections provide a striking, bold overall center design
    • True divided light construction
    • Combines an inline panel and swing styles
    • 18-inch vertical handle
    • Available in special size orders

Full Divided-Light Sliding Glass Shower Doors Splash Screen

  • Edgy, modern industrial design and patterned glass
  • The single pane of glass accentuates the full divided-light feature
  • Sliding glass door shower style with exterior mullions
  • 18-inch or 24-inch vertical square handle

True Divided-Light Shower Screen

  • True divided-light shower screen provides a polished look
  • Customizable panes providing a stunning style
  • Stationary shower screen provides high-fashion style and décor

True Divided-Light French Doors

  • Offers a modern version of a classic design
  • Variety of handle types available
  • Mix and match glass styles and textures

True Divided-Light Door With Inline Panel

  • Bold statement provided by horizontal polished mullions
  • Unique, versatile eye-catching design configurations
  • Fixed inline panel with swing or sliding shower doors
  • Customizable handle options

True Divided-Light Soft-Close Sliding Door

  • True divided-light design
  • Customizable striking spaces for a lasting impression
  • 18-inch. or 24-inch vertical square handle
  • Soft-close mechanism is installed in its header
  • Smooth, gentle open and close, every time

Gridscape™ 3 Series


  • Combines framed and frameless glass doors structures
  • Self-closing, Venetian hinges swing inward and outward
  • 18-inch or 24-inch vertical square handle
  • Customizable inline panel options

Gridscape™ 4 Series

  • Palisade
    • Striking center features square colored sections
    • Bold horizontal true divided-light design
    • Combines inline panel and swing styles
    • 18-inch vertical square handle
    • Special size orders available
  • Paradigm
    • Large geometric sections create beautiful offset mirror images
    • Combines swing and inline panel design
    • True divided-light design
    • 18- inch vertical square handle
    • Special size orders available
  • Mondrian
    • Exemplifies the ultimate in bold style
    • Segmented hinge creates a beautiful element when opened
    • Combines inline panel and swing
    • 18 inch or 24-inch vertical square handle
    • Special size orders available

For more detailed information about the many Gridscape options, visit Coastal Shower Doors website at http://coastal shower

Shapes Supply adds the ultimate “WOW!” factor to your newly constructed bath or bathroom renovation by choosing the Gridscape™ series from Coastal Shower Doors

Consider Gridscape™ before choosing any other glass shower door design. Call Shapes Supply at 847.749.4662 to schedule your appointment with our shower door design experts. If you can dream it, Shapes Supply and Coastal Shower Doors will create it. We guarantee you will love your unique, personally designed, totally customizable Gridscape™ shower door.

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